Champagne Dial Golden Metal Strap Watch 2601YM01


Titan Champagne Dial Analog Watch for Women

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Wrap your wrist in shades of champagne! Presented in the Titan Karishma collection and housed carefully in a round metal case, is the champagne analog dial paired splendidly with the gloss finished golden metallic strap with jewellery clasp for the graceful fit. The sunray finished dial has metal applique indices and Swarovski crystal studded as indices, making it elegantly stylish. What makes this timepiece a classic beauty is the Swarovski Baguette crystal studded at lug, enhanced aesthetically by the excuisite Swarovski Baguette crystal adorning it as an indice. Timepiece combined accessory, the strap of the watch has solid half kada, ready to adorn your wrist delightfully. The gloss finished case of the watch comes with patterned bezel and the premium metallization gives it the dazzling royal accessory look. Perfect for fancy traditional occasions, just strap this watch around and give your style the beautiful tease of bling.

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